Welcome to Leipers Fork Lodging in the Big East Fork Valley. There are 11 individual homes and some 51 beautiful rooms to choose from. Most are within walking, horse riding or biking distance to each other. Contact us today for more details and we very much look forward to welcoming you. β€œThe soul longs for the heartland of nature, when we connect with nature we are in turn both nurtured and renewed.” 615 - 266 - 3414 or fill out form below.

Lodgings for rent are in the circled in red. Please note that the Lodgings are privately owned and made available through Big East Fork Lodging. Lodgings are not part of the Big East Fork Retreat. The Retreat has its own policies and staff and requires a separate pass for entry. The Retreat would love to have you as a guest, but please recognize that it is a different entity than the Lodgings. 

Whether you decide to rent an entire house,  an apartment within a house, or a room within a shared house, consider visiting the nearby non-profit Center of Sustainable Stewardship (401(c)3) and Big East Fork Retreat and its associated activities. The Retreat is its own entity and requires prior arrangement to visit.

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