Come stay with us! There are several different lodging possibilities in the Fork. Some are within walking and biking distance to each other and some are closer to the Retreat and Farm. 

Lodgings for rent are in the circled in red. Please note that the Lodgings are privately owned and made available through Big East Fork Lodging. Lodgings are not part of the Big East Fork Retreat. The Retreat has its own policies and staff and requires a separate pass for entry. The Retreat would love to have you as a guest, but please recognize that it is a different entity than the Lodgings. 

Whether you decide to rent an entire house,  an apartment within a house, or a room within a shared house, access to Big East Fork Retreat and its associated activities requires a visit to the Retreat Center to check-in, receive your day pass for $10*, and sign the waiver.

*Discounted passes for groups and event participants. This fee assists in maintaining the conservation land and informal learning opportunities.