We absolutely loved The Lodge. We rented it over the Thanksgiving holiday and it was perfect for our multi-generational group. It’s much larger and nicer than it looks in the photos. The main living area was huge and was great for relaxing. There’s great outdoor space, we played horseshoes and croquet while the kids played on the swing. There was the ritual of the morning trip to see the horses as well. The surrounding land was beautiful and we enjoyed just sitting on the little pier over the pond with our coffee. We would definitely stay here again!!!!!
— Kenneth And Jen


The RETREAT features a 6-acre lake cradled by rolling hills and protected forest. It offers hundreds of acres of natural beauty to explore. The Retreat is operated by the Center for Sustainable Stewardship



Come meet and help feed the animals of BIG EAST FORK FARMS. Pick up fresh Produce from Lauren's Garden. Join us for an EVENT, workshop, or live music. Farm to Fork events happen!




Spend the day on the grounds or come stay for a night!

FORK INN LODGING at Big East Fork is available for those who just can’t seem to fit it all into one day. 12 homes and 51 rooms to choose from.



The Tennessee Parks and Greenways Foundation (“TennGreen”) holds the conservation easement protecting the forest and waters of Big East Fork. TennGreen is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1998 and has a mission to conserve Tennessee’s natural treasures. TennGreen completes this mission through voluntary private conservation easements as well as conserving land for public access. 


Miles of trails, six-acre lake, Center for Sustainable Stewardship Retreat Center, multiple houses for events and lodging -- all surrounded by pristine nature.