Lodging for Weekend and Weeklong Workshops

Rates include use of common area (kitchen / dining / living room / den)


Private Bed / Private Room / Private Full Bath

* Per person / double occupancy

(add 50% to room rate for single occupancy)

 $95*/room /night   


Private Bed / Private Room / Shared Full Bath

Per person / double occupancy

(*add 50% to roomrate for single occupancy)



Private Bed, Two parties in Room, Shared Full Bath



Semi-Private Dorm/Lofts (Two or Three other persons in room)

$50 /night,


 Open Dormitory, no bath (shower at Retreat or make friends with another guest in same house with access to shower/tub)

$35 /night


Sleeping Bag/Air mattress Accomodations**


(**person brings own bag, mat, and linens)

Add 50% for one-night stays on weekends and holidays.

Prices do not include State (9.5%) and Local (4%) taxes.

Need conference rooms or space for breakout sessions? Retreat groups who lodge with us are eligible for large discounts at nearby Big East Fork Retreat.