The Overlook

The Overlook


Peach orchard , FireTower, Hidden Pond Loop (3.8 miles).

From the Retreat Center, take Lower Creek Trail 0.5 miles along Big East Fork Creek to the Firepit (0.5mi). Walk 0.2mi under the Bridge and cross the Wooden Bridge to Peach Orchard Hollow (0.7mi). Walk up Peach Orchard Hollow 0.6 mi to its end and enter the forest (1.3mi). Proceed 100 feet and turn left up old logging road 0.3mi to Chain Junction (1.6mi). Turn right and follow green flags (0.5mi) to Firetower Circle (2.1mi). Follow green flags 0.4mi down to Hidden Pond (2.5mi). Proceed 0.5 mi down to Peach Orchard Hollow (3.0mi). Walk 0.4mi down Peach Orchard Hollow to Circle Lodge Lake on left (3.4mi). Proceed 0.2mi to Bowers Cemetery (3.6mi). Cross Big East Fork Road and return to Retreat Center.


0.0 Retreat Center

0.5 Firepit

0.7 Peach Orchard Hollow

1.3 Old Growth Forest

1.6 Chain Junction

2.1 Firetower Circle

2.5 Hidden Pond

3.0 Peach Orchard Hollow

3.4 Circle Lodge Lake

3.6 Bowers Cemetery

3.8 Retreat Center