Big East Fork Retreat (BEFR) Rules


No firearms or fireworks

No open fires, except when renting firepits.

No swimming

No unaccompanied minors

No children in spa areas (hot tub, sauna, massage rooms)

No disturbing wildlife or plants

No unleased pets (especially on trails);

No trespassing on neighbors property. 

No bicycles or motorized vehicles on trails.

Be Clean, Green, and Not Mean !



I agree to keep a personal flotation device (PFD) in any watercraft I use and will make sure that all non-swimmers wear a PFD. I agree to return all equipment in acceptable condition by 6 PM or forfeit my security deposit. I will pay for loss of or damage to the equipment. 

Keep footwear on at all time, 

Stay sober (No Alcohol or other drugs),

Non-swimmers and children must wear life jackets at all times while on the lake. 

Stay positive.  

Wear sunscreen.  

Be prepared for the weather with raingear, a hat, a change of clothes, sunscreen, etc. 

No glass or styrofoam containers. 

Ask our staff for pointers if you are not familiar with any equipment.