Join The Big East Fork Farms CSA and bring healthy, locally grown food from our fields to your dinner table. Our farm offers a variety of fresh, all-natural heirloom crops depending on the season. If you would like to contribute to our CSA with your own goods or produce, please contact us!


Our community supported agriculture (CSA) program allows you to buy a “share” of our farm’s crops by becoming a member. Depending on what type of membership you buy, you will receive a quarter bushel of seasonal vegetables that you will pick up from our farm weekly to bring home to your family’s dinner table. This will be the first year for our CSA, with a limited amount of shares available. With more than seventeen years of farming experience, we will provide a CSA made up completely of heirloom produce using strict, all natural practices. We pride ourselves on growing crops that look and taste incredible. Instead of having pickups in multiple areas, our CSA pickup will be every Saturday at the farmstead. This will give you the full experience to learn where your food comes from. Come out to relax at the retreat, listen to live music and enjoy the day on the farm.