Event Planning for your Lodging

Yoga training at Buddha House, media room.

Yoga training at Buddha House, media room.


Wedding rehearsals, corporate meetings, workshops, songwriting sessions, bachlorette parties, tree-climbing expeditions, academic department retreats, wellness retreats, team-building exercises, etc. The variety of events people have had in our rented Lodgings boggle the imagination. Some groups prefer to walk from their house(s) to nearby Big East Fork Retreat and rent additional space there, while others want to stay put and eat, sleep, learn, socialize, recreate, and who-knows-what-else in their Lodging without having to move to another location. 

Wedding at the Circle Lodge

Wedding at the Circle Lodge



An EVENT happens when folks who are not staying overnight are invited to your rented house. If you do not plan to invite non-lodging guests to your rental, you are not having an EVENT and need not read further. You are still invited to Big East Fork Retreat and enjoy the facilities, nature trails, and watercraft. Just call 615-599-4006 or use the form below. Day passes may be obtained as available.

If you will be serving alcohol at your EVENT, then insurance is required . Portapotties may be required depending upon the number of invited guests and duration nature of the activity.

So that we may help you plan your EVENT and associated logistics, please let us know the following:

1) How many total people are expected in total and on which days.

2) How many folks are expected to visit and how many vehicles will require parking.

3) Will you require:

a) party tent (size)

b) catering

c) band

d) dance floor

e) fire-pit

f) music venue

g) chairs / tables

h) local musicians

i) farm fresh produce



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